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Our cutting-edge interactive signage solutions allow customers to explore products in-depth, offering instant access to detailed information about each interacted product.

Lift-to-learn solution


The Lift-to-Learn setup encourages customers to interact with the showcased products on the platform. The platform setup, number of products, screen size and location are fully customizable to ensure seamless integration with clients' environment.

As a customer approaches the display, the sensor detects their movement and triggers the presentation of the showcased products on the display.


Upon lifting a product, detailed information about the lifted item gets shown on the display. To enhance the visual experience, the LED lights on the platform change colors to match the color of the lifted product.

For a more immersive interaction, audio features can be incorporated. These audios can provide customers with additional information about each product as they lift and explore them.



The Place-to-Learn solution is suitable for a wide range of products, up to 250 items. This innovative solution aims to increase interaction between shoppers and the displayed products.

When a shopper places merchandise on the platform, it triggers unique and relevant product information on the platform display. This information can include details such as specs, pricing, customer reviews, or any other relevant information that helps the shopper make decisions.


To further assist the shopper, LED lights guide them to the exact spot where the placed product is located on the shelf.

Moreover, the Place-to-Learn solution also collects valuable data by tracking the frequency with which each product is placed on the platform. This data provides insights into customer engagement, popular products, and helps optimize product placement strategies.

Wireless Pick-up solution


The Wireless Pick-up solution offers great flexibility as it allows products to be easily moved and placed in various locations.

When a customer lifts a product, the wireless sensor gets activated, triggering the tailored content about the lifted item on the screen. This content can include information such as color options, pricing details, stock availability, or any other relevant product information.


This setup enables a dynamic and engaging experience for customers, providing them with instant access to specific details about the product they have lifted, enhancing their understanding and decision-making process.

Wired Pick-up solution


When a product is removed from its counterpart, the system detects this action and triggers tailored information about the product into a signage display. Once the product is returned, it activates a placed-back command that displays desired content, effectively showcasing all products on the platform.

The sensor, also known as the snapper, can be attached to merchandise using non-marking double-sided tape located on the back of the sensor. For additional security, the snapper is designed with space for a tie wrap.


The snapper counterpart can be installed in two ways: it can be placed on a shelf using a pedestal, or it can be mounted flat onto a vertical surface. One of the key advantages of this sensor is its ability to ensure consistent product positioning upon return.

In addition to enhancing customer interaction, the Wired Pick-Up Solution also improves security. If the cable is cut, it triggers an alarm command which can be programmed to alert staff, thereby providing an extra layer of security.

Approach-to-learn solution


The Approach-to-Learn solution is designed for showcasing expensive and unique sets of products. If the product is not advised to be touched without staff supervision, it can be placed in a glass enclosure, and customers can interact with the product by simply approaching to it.

When a customer gets near the product, the lights inside the glass enclosure automatically turn on, drawing attention to the displayed item. Simultaneously, unique, and tailored content about the product gets triggered on the screen.


This content can include product features, specifications, pricing, or any other relevant information that enhances the customer's understanding and interest in the product.

The Approach-to-Learn solution is also designed to accommodate multiple customers approaching different products simultaneously. Each product gets its own dedicated display or its own dedicated area on the big LED screen, ensuring that each customer receives specific information about the product they are interacting with.

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