Step out in the crowd with Digital Integrations

  • Integrating Digital Signage Solutions
  • Integrating high-end IT infrastructure
  • Integrating Security and Camera systems

Interactive solutions

Our cutting-edge interactive signage solutions offer an unparalleled experience, enhancing customer engagement to new heights while increasing their understanding and decision-making process. By seamlessly integrating advanced technology, we empower customers to explore products like never before, providing them with instant access to precise details about each item they interact with.

  • Lift-to-Learn interactive solution
  • Place-to-Learn interactive solution
  • Wired pick-up interactive solution

Digital LED Solutions

At any desired size, for any desired location, INTEQRIO provides high quality and a wide range of LED products to fit your needs. Our team can solve the most complex design and technology integration challenges to ensure a perfect solution for any unique outdoor, indoor or transparent LED projects.

  • Static-LED signage solution
  • Transparent-LED signage solution
  • Custom-LED signage solution

Signage screen solutions

Whether you want to install indoor/outdoor signage TV throughout your facility or an interactive screen in your store, INTEQRIO has the digital signage solutions you need to enhance your customer experience, modernize your location, and drive your business forward.

  • Static-Screen signage solution
  • Touch-Screen signage solution
  • Wall-Screen signage solution

IP Camera Solutions

Working with the industry's finest products, we offer tailored IP camera solutions. Our professional team seamlessly integrates technologies to deliver unparalleled surveillance coverage.


Access and Security

Whether it's biometric, RFID, PIN, or face recognition, we provide a wide range of technologies that enable you to enhance security, ensuring the protection of your assets and personnel.


IT Infrastructure

Constructing from the ground up or enhancing existing systems, we integrate the latest technology to ensure robust cybersecurity measures to protect your digital landscape with innovation.