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Our Approach

Premium products and services

In our journey through the digital landscape, Inteqrio has consistently been synonymous with excellence. Our commitment to providing premium products and services, from LED signage projects to interactive displays and comprehensive IT infrastructure integration, has set us apart in the industry.

Why Premium? The Inteqrio Difference

Many of our new corporate clients come to us with a pressing question: “Why should we opt for premium solutions when standard quality seems sufficient?” The answer lies not just in the immediate impact but in the long-term value. Here’s what our in-depth analysis has uncovered:

  • Cost-Effectiveness Over Time:Our study, encompassing over 150 projects with 25 clients, reveals that the overall price—combining initial investment and running costs—of Inteqrio’s premium solutions over a 10-year period is actually 4.8% less expensive than lower-quality alternatives.
  • Reduced Overhead Costs:The first five years are critical. Our premium solutions incur lower running costs, including energy consumption and maintenance. When considering the overall price difference—initial investment plus running costs—Inteqrio’s solutions are only 9.6% more expensive than previous vendors, a gap that narrows further over a decade due to the durability and efficiency of our products.
  • Reliability and Customer Satisfaction:Approximately 3% of the projects we took over were due to complete system failures from previous installations. By choosing Inteqrio, our clients avoid such disruptions, ensuring a seamless customer experience and safeguarding their reputation.

Investing in Quality: A Strategic Decision

Choosing Inteqrio’s premium solutions is not merely a purchase; it’s a strategic investment in your brand’s future and the satisfaction of your customers.

Service Level for enhanced experience.

What truly distinguishes our corporate clients’ seamless, uninterrupted communication and elevated customer experience with their in-store customers? Is it solely the premium signage and other IT solutions provided by Inteqrio? Absolutely not! Even the highest quality signage products can encounter issues during their lifecycle. That’s why we can confidently assert that our superior service level, offered to clients throughout the lifecycle of signage and other IT integration products, is the cornerstone of our operational success.

Our dedicated team is unwavering in their commitment to providing 24/7 support for our clients worldwide. Regardless of the project’s size, we implement control systems that empower our team to detect and rectify software issues immediately and remotely. This proactive approach has fostered a positive and robust relationship between Inteqrio and its corporate clients over the past few years. A survey conducted by our team with store managers of corporate clients across the EU revealed that immediate software support has had a markedly positive impact on their customer experience. For instance, they’ve observed neighboring stores with LED screens that are not displaying content correctly, taking days to repair. However, as soon as such issues are identified and reported, our Inteqrio team swiftly resolves them, ensuring our customers experience no interruption in communication.

The Inteqrio team is also dedicated to providing hardware service within 48 hours anywhere in the world where we have completed projects. Our approach to every single project includes storing additional spare parts within the stores where we complete projects. This strategy grants us the flexibility to attempt to fix any hardware issues immediately and accelerates the process of providing hardware support. We conduct diagnostic tests remotely to identify any issues before our technicians visit. Thus, when our technicians arrive on-site to address hardware issues, we are already equipped with the necessary resources to resolve the problems promptly.

Furthermore, as we offer our products and services worldwide, we consistently partner with local technicians in the geographic locations where we have existing clients. These partners are tasked with fixing any hardware issues under the supervision of the Inteqrio team, adhering to our commitment to providing hardware service within 48 hours.

In conclusion, it is the synergy of our premium products and our exceptional service level offering that establishes a reliable and enduring business partnership.

In Summary:

Inteqrio’s journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of quality and service excellence. Our premium products, coupled with an unparalleled service level, provide our clients with a seamless and superior experience that stands the test of time. By choosing Inteqrio, businesses invest not just in technology, but in a partnership that promises reliability, satisfaction, and enduring success. We are more than a provider; we are a partner in progress, dedicated to enhancing the connection between our clients and their customers.

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